Rockfields Precinct.

When this land was acquired a few years ago, the Power of Co team had to start with the studies and proclamation processes to convert this farm land into zoned land, fit for commercial development. With these investigations and studies we unearthed a lot of rock and it very soon became clear that the most fitting name for this land, would be Rockfields.

The rocks that lay scattered all over this special piece of land will become building stones used for the construction of the Lenchen road extension. In the same way, the Rockfields vision is that the very entrepreneurs who will build their businesses at Rockfields, will become the building stones for the economy and community of Centurion.

Stands available to develop:

If you are looking for a new location to expand your business, and would like Power of Co to develop a custom building to suit your needs, have a look at the stands we have available to create something unique.

Erf 4102

Stand size: 11 462 sqm

Buildings Permitted: 5 731 sqm

Zoning: Special

Erf 4105

Stand size: 8 002 sqm

Buildings Permitted: 4 001 sqm

Zoning: Special

Erf 4106

Stand size: 7 304 sqm

Buildings Permitted: 1 500 sqm

Zoning: Special

Looking for a custom developed building for your business?

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