our team and culture

Power of Co is a team of driven, energetic and passionate South Africans that live to create opportunities for others through the properties we create and facilitate.

We are all entrepreneurs at heart and driven to make a meaningful and lasting impact in South Africa. We like swimming upstream and we think differen…We think from the inside out. The buildings and environments we develop are a direct result of the passion each of us have for what we do and the people we create them for.

building blocks of our culture


We dream big
like really big.


We compete only with ourselves.


We trust
each other.


We always act
with integrity.


We know each
person is significant.


We value


We believe nothing is impossible. 



meet the team

Francois Mouton, Managing Director

“Our cities and our nation will be transformed from Inside Out by driven entrepreneurs who risk, innovate, create and transform every day. What a privilege to be part of their success stories.”

Gerrit Worst, Director

“Don’t be the same, be better.”

Liana Drost, Operations Manager

“Entrepreneurs build a network space where fellow dreamers can work towards a common good. Their businesses provide a platform for people to fulfil the purpose of serving others and inside Out gladly provides a platform to serve these passionate entrepreneurs.”

Nico Pretorius, Director

“As an Entrepreneur, I am truly excited about how Inside Out is going to enhance fellow Entrepreneurs and their businesses. Fellowship and interaction amongst likeminded business people is key towards making a difference in serving the greater community and more so our beautiful country.”

Rizelda Steenberg, Financial Manager

“To merely work for a living, creates short term success, but to diligently seek your passion and purpose, creates long term prosperity and wealth.”